Some interesting news from last week:

Jeff Sessions and having contact with The Russians 

What happened:
– information leaked that Jeff Sessions, the current nominated & approved Attorney General of the US, had contact with Russia twice before his nomination session with Congress when he said he had no contact with them

Importance of the role of the Attorney General (AG):
– head of the Department of Justice (responsible for the enforcement of the law, prevent crime, protect public safety from all threats and the administration of justice in the US)
– the DOJ influences policy on everything from the FBI, US Marshal Service, ATF (alcohol, tobacco & firearms), drug enforcement, the prison system

Why meeting with the Russians is of concern:
– the person, under oath, lied to people that were making decisions to either approve or decline the role
– if you can’t be truthful, it calls into question one’s integrity and a role such as AG, requires the utmost highest integrity; to do what is lawful and right

Why is this bad:
– per above, the AG needs to have the utmost integrity for the office they hold; and if they don’t, then they hold the power to do adverse things, counter to justice
– they may ignore legitimate issues and let justice go unpunished


– President Trump  has laid out a plan for immigration and Obamacare earlier in the week, creating positive momentum for his administration; this is a big distraction b/c both all Americans, both Democrats and Republicans have distrust of Russia and would work together to find the truth of what happened which can damage the AG as well as those in the White House

– because of a united distrust of Russia, lying while under oath, it may lead to the dismissal/resignation of another (Flynn  ) member that President Trump has nominated to high level positions in the government.. both associated with Russia.. who has been accused of working with the Russians to hack the election (which calls into question the legitimacy of the American voting

Ontario Liberal government announces a 8/17/25% reduction in Hydro bills

What happened:
– the Liberal government, headed by Kathleen Wyne is operating under extremely low voter approvals of ~11%, which means she run the risk of not getting re-elected, and the party losing leading status to their opponents
– due to various mismanagement of the Hydro production, the citizens of the province ended up paying more for their electricity
– the Liberal government introduced a bill that would reduce consumer’s bills by up to 25%

Why would they do this:
– other than to make the lives of citizen’s easier? To increase popularity and hopefully regain votes. The provincial election is held on the 1st Thursday in June every 4 years (in Ontario). Although they have made mistakes, they’re hoping that by making short term fixes, the voters will forgive them and vote for them again

What’s the problem:
– although consumers will save money now, it was verified that the consumers will end up paying more AND for a longer time period (b/c of interest)
– if voters re-elect the Liberals to power in 2018, they may be stuck with the same inept people that were responsible for such problems in the first place

The worst thing is:
– the alternatives for voters are rather bad; the Conservatives complain and the NDP may not have a solution that will work

I learned a while back: It is not good enough to find fault in something, it is important to also come up with a constructive solution.

– the Conservatives has not come up with a solution to this and can only complain about the problem. This solves nothing.

– the NDP has been criticized that their solution, that includes eliminating time-of-use pricing (paying more money for electricity use during peak hours to curb use), reduction of fees for rural customers, and buying back shares of the Electricity Company, wouldn’t work, that “the NDP has no idea how our energy system in this province works.” It sounds like partisan jabs, but it may be possible for a party that has held 3rd party status for the majority of their lifetime and held power last over 25 years ago,may not have the chops to solve this problem. But this is better than having no solution other than “trust us, we’ll solve it.”