My father sent me this video link a while back by Matt Abrahams, and I finally had the opportunity to watch it. It talks about how to overcome anxiety and be an effective public-spontaneous speaker.

Great learning opportunities that I learnt from the video:

Managing Anxiety
– speaking is not a performance; treat it like a conversation
– nearly everyone experiences anxiety from public speaking, but anxiety isn’t a bad thing
– use tongue twisters to bring yourself into the present (to take yourself out of future result anxieties)

Daring to be Dull 
– how our brain over-thinks, and how we are living for the future; to learn to be in the present

Seeing Things as an Opportunity
– seeing things as a challenge/adversity, closes yourself off
– to have fun, makes you less nervous, and less defensive

To Slow Down & Listen
– understand the needs of the audience and meet their requirements
– pay close attention to what they’re saying
– you can’t be thinking ahead

What is Your Story
– structure helps us remember (phone numbers: 3-3-4)
– Structure1: problem, solution, benefit
– Structure2: what, so what, now what

– Ask (the person) for guidance/advice (changes the way that people respond)