One of THE best books I’ve ever had the opportunity to read, taught:

Life is hard.. and not always fair.”

And it’s very true.
But once we accept that fact, we can live more effectively by working through problems, even if that includes suffering.

I absolutely love photography, for the simple fact that:
Pictures are worth a thousand words.

I think about a Time Magazine article I read years ago: it was about poverty, and how there are people in other parts of the world that suffer far greater than us here in the 1st world. I remember these images to this day to remind me that no matter the problems I encounter today, it is nowhere as bad as other people have it.

Imagine this: waking up to a life where you live in a shack, with no electricity or running water. You live in a landfill, or even a cemetery. You must scrounge for the whole day, in death and decay to find something in said landfill to sell for pennies, so that you can feed your family. This is your life, it is impossible to escape: you will be doing this for the end of your days, and so will your children and possibly their children.
Those are horizontal mausoleums in which you have a snack stand.. right next to it.

Or maybe there is so much pollution, that the water you swim/drink is BLACK.
This is normal life for these people; look at the authentic joy that boy is having.. his feet in the black water.. hands inches away from built up human garbage.

And the photo that made my skin crawl…
..and scream in recognition, that the green part is sludge and not a well manicured lawn.

Just remember:
Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional.” ~Tim Hansel

Life can be hard and unfair, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good, rewarding and enjoyable.