TWW: Total War Warhammer is a challenging game for new players to the series, but is extremely rewarding once you get the hang of it. I personally got the game initially b/c I loved Warhammer (Warhammer Online and Vermintide), and because it LOOKED like another game series that I’ve played for over 22 years. When I purchased it, even though I watched many video tutorials and scoured the online forum guides, it did NOT prepare me for actual gameplay. Even on the easiest difficulty level, on the very first turn, if you make poor tactical errors, you could lose your initial Legendary Lord and the army. It took a while to learn the game and how to be more successful at it through watching more videos, reading more guides, finding a unit spreadsheet and just good ol’fashioned experience.

Here are my top 5 tips of what I think will help new players to TWW:

  1. The Importance of Reviewing the Building Tree

Unlike other strategy games, TWW has quite a few game mechanics which make the buildings for each faction unique (or at least in different spots/named). It’s recommended to open the Building Tree at the beginning of the game to plan out what you want each city. Knowing what buildings provide which units and which support building are required will make a big difference in the long game.20170503121645_1For example, I didn’t know that the Orcs building to research technology is the Goblin Workshop. While I did peruse the building tree, it didn’t sound very interesting nor highlight the fact that the building was required to do any technology at all. They’re (as far as I know) the only faction that doesn’t start off with the ability to do research right from the get-go.


  1. Early Game Recruiting

I have the very bad habit of attacking my enemies on the very first turn. I still consider myself quite green in TWW, and one tactical mistake that can typically cause the loss of the Legendary Lord and entire army. On turn ONE. What I normally recommend in the first 2-3 turns of each match is to ensure you end up in your controlled (vs enemy/neutral territory) area so that you can recruit. 20170503121753_1In most situations, at the beginning of the game, you can recruit up to 3 units per turn. Outnumbering enemies will typically result in better combat success with mediocre battle tactics.


  1. Overreach

Whether it be pride or hubris, we sometimes lose track of what’s behind us and leave our-self badly exposed to enemies. The map is huge, there are many enemies, and no alliance is unbreakable. Every match that I’ve played in my young career, I’ve overreached with my main army, and smaller, more mobile enemy armies have attacked my weaker recently-liberated cities with impunity.

I haven’t come up with a good solution for this, other than not driving too far in one direction with your main army, or to attack in a more circular direction to ensure enemies don’t flank you. My #5 suggestion will assist you in this.


  1. Map awareness and Lords (vs Legendary Lords)

Enemies are everywhere in TWW. In other strategy games that I’ve played, you typically start far away from enemies and the game gives you time to build up your forces and sometimes funnels enemies, so you know which direction to expect them to appear from. TWW has enemies starting in nearly every direction, and if you don’t make peace (and hope they keep their word) with some neighbors, you’ll need to eliminate enemies in a circle, rather than one direction.20170503121719_1.jpgBy having a second Legendary Lord or a normal Lord (requires a specific building), you can use that unit as a scout and make sure your backside is protected from any sneak attacks from enemies. I enjoy using Lords instead of Legendary Lords b/c they cannot be attacked directly, except by assassination attempts by other lords (which doesn’t happen too often). These Lords can also harass your opponents as well by sabotaging their units or settlements.


  1. Walls Walls Walls

A common tip given to new players is to make walls in every settlement. While they take up valuable building slots, creating walls adds extra defensive units to a settlement. Only extremely large armies can attack a walled city, which deters most smaller armies from attacking. This gives you enough time to have an army come to defeat them. In the worst case scenario, you’ll have enough defenders to take manual control (auto resolve is typically bad when outnumbered) and at least hurt them badly.20170503121659_1.jpgIt may slow growth and income, but put walls/gates in every city unless you have a roaming defense Lord running around.

Those are my 5 tips for new players to Total War: Warhammer, what are your tips?