1 Yam per person (creates 8 large fries each)
Pepper                 OR  Seasoning of Choice
Garlic Powder

  1. Wash your yams with a scrub under cold water, removing any stray hairs/roots.
  2. Wipe yam fries dry with paper towels.

23. Using a sharp knife, cut off both ends.

Note: No matter how mundane, or how experienced you are, ALWAYS take care and concentrate when using a knife. The smallest mistake can lead to a world of hurt/a missing finger. Always make sure your fingers are out of the way, in case something slips.

34. Cut the yam in half, length-wise.

45. Cut the yam in half again.

Note: This is the trickiest part of this recipe. I typically start cutting at the top of the yam, and once I have an incision, I remove my fingers, and apply pressure on the top of the knife.

56. Add yams to the bowl, and add seasoning, along with oil. Mix well.
7. Pour oil on your baking sheet and even with a paper towel.

68. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit WITH the baking sheet inside the oven.
9. When the oven is done preheating, take the baking sheet out and put the yam fries on.
10. Bake the yam fries for 15 minutes. Flip the side it is on.

711. Bake the yam fries for an additional 20 minutes.
12. Once the yam fries have completed baking, use tongs to move it to a plate.